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Hand-carved Brooms

The “Tree Spirits’, “Green Man’, and “Goddesses” come springing forth out of many of our brooms. This animation and delving into our innermost childhood fantasies sets us apart from the others in our craft. All woodcarvings are completely hand carved using traditional wood carving tools and techniques.

Carved Walking Sticks and Staffs

Our carved walking sticks and staffs are hand carved out of Southern kiln dried hardwoods, and are guaranteed to be a real lightening rod to get peoples attention.

Renaissance and other theatrical brooms

Our little business was born and raised in the Renaissance Festivals around the country. If you are attracted to Renaissance or historical craftsmanship or flights of fantasy in the Renaissance, or perhaps Harry Potters quidditch broom you won’t find another broom maker that meets your needs than Scheumack Broom Company.

The perfect balance of Art – Function – Meaningful Work – and Spirit is the goal of Scheumack Broom Company. Buy the best. Buy a Scheumack Broom

Wedding or hand fasting broom

Wedding and hand fasting brooms from BroomMagic are a great gift or ceremony addition. As a broom maker it is an honor that more and more people are rejecting traditional western marriage ceremonies and are using our hand fasting brooms to add new meaning to their rituals. We are complimented constantly about how the authenticity of our work is just what these discriminating couples are searching for to make their ceremony complete in accordance with the old religions.

Traditional handcrafted brooms

The tools, techniques and raw materials used to make our brooms are from an 1878 broom shop. They are made for use from the highest quality 100% broomcorn and kiln-dried hardwoods. They are noticeably more functional and durable than their commercial counterparts.


Wiccan or witches besom

Witches be•som (b z m) n.

Besom is a bundle of twigs attached to a handle and used as a broom. Often used for ritualistic purposes other than sweeping. (Middle English, from Old English besma.)
Wiccan tool

Wiccan tool or wiccan Besom is also known as a witches broom and is an important part of Wiccan handfasting (marriage) and cleansing ceremonies in some traditions. The couple jumps over the besom during the ceremony.

Every witch needs a good broom. Our handcrafted brooms are made of 100% organic materials. Attention to detail is paid every step of the way, from harvesting the raw materials to the finished piece. When you own a Scheumack Broom you can feel confident that you are holding not only an extremely durable and functional tool, but also our intent is something you will be proud to possess.

Magic or ceremonial brooms

If you are looking for something more than just function, you’ve come to the right place. People all over North America have been using our brooms for over a quarter of a century in their personal rituals. Whether your needs are for cleansing ceremonies, croaning, or hand fasting brooms, it is said you will feel the difference.

Scheumack Broom Company – Since 1981

Carved Hearth Broom - besom
A functional fireplace length broom with our “Green Man” or “Tree Spirit” hand sculpted in the hardwood handle.
Our Price: US$64.00

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Earlier cultures seemed to have a broom for every purpose. This long, thin, light broom is a traditional Appalachian design made for getting into tight and high places.
Our Price: US$25.00

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Hearth Broom - Besom
This handcrafted broom is the same length as standard fireplace tools, so it will hang on an existing rack. It is sewn in the old world round, or besom style.
Our Price: US$30.00

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Kid's Brooms
This is a miniature version of our full sized kitchen broom. This isn’t a toy store broom that will fall apart. Not only can you use it …… it sweeps better and lasts many times longer than it’s commercial counterparts.
Our Price: US$29.00

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Whisk Broom
You will be amazed at the difference between a real broomcorn broom and its commercial counterparts. The most functional and durable hand broom available.
Our Price: US$20.00

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Witches ( Ceremonial ) Broom
The besom is the old world term for a broom to be used for more than just sweeping. A favorite for weddings, handfastings and housewarmings.
Our Price: US$42.00

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